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Paleo diet for beginners

Paleo Diet For Beginners

Paleo Diet For Beginners

From The Sydney Morning Herald:

Unleash your primal energy through an all-natural prehistoric diet.

About 18 years ago, I started competing in fitness figure competitions and needed to lower my body fat. I had about 22 per cent body fat and needed to reach 16 per cent.

My trainer told me to cut out grains and starches, including bread, pasta and rice, as well as refined sugars. My eating plan consisted of fish, chicken and other meat, eggs, salad, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds. This was my first experience of the Palaeolithic or ”caveman” diet, which is based on the premise ”if the cavemen didn’t eat it, you shouldn’t, either”.

After overdosing on protein at first, I focused on a plant-based fresh-vegetable diet that included 65 grams of animal-based protein a day. I felt strong and full of energy, and never hungry. I leaned up ready for my competition and placed second. Since then, I’ve based the way I eat (and cook) on the paleo lifestyle.

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